Hat Care

• Avoid contact with water (e.g. rain) as is most likely to lose its shape.

• The correct way of holding on to your hat is NOT from the crown as it is the most delicate part but from each side of the wings (brim).

• Life happens, and the hat might get a bit dirty, so just use a slightly damp white cloth with soap to clean any marks (or sweat marks).

• Avoid leaving your hat in hot or dry places (e.g. your car), as its colours might fade away or it can get too stiff. If that happens, you can spray very little clean water on top of it and let it dry.

• You can recover your hat’s original shape by ironing it at a low setting with a slightly humid cloth.

• We do not recommend to fold the hat, but if you have to do it, avoid leaving it folded for more than 1 day.

• Tip 1: Panama Hats are made from natural straw, so they need to be moist often. Try leaving the hat next to the sink while you are having a shower. The hat will absorb the steam and this will help to keep it alive.

• Tip 2: If you need to change the shape of the brim, use the jug while making a cup of tea 😊. While the jug is boiling, place the hat above (roughly 10cm) and start moving it around so it can absorb as much steam as possible, then shape the brim the way you want it. This also helps to keep it moist.

• Tip 3: If you want to loosen it up if it starts becoming a bit tight, also use the steam from the jug (like in Tip 2). Then wear the hat and gently pulling from the brim, move the hat side to side and front to back. This will only give you approximately half a size bigger. This also helps to keep it moist.

Look after your hat and you will be able to enjoy it for many, many years.